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MTC Video Promotions was founded for the purpose of producing photos, articles and videos on the subject of the martial arts and featuring those items on it’s website. MTC Video Promotions is not bound by or committed to any other particular organization.

Our mission is simply to be a media outlet for all forms, types, and systems of martial arts events and activities.  Our media outlet includes featuring videos, photos, and articles of everything from interviews with martial arts school owners and instructors, martial arts tournaments competitions and tournament promoters, martial arts seminars, MMA events, grappling tournaments, judo tournaments, and boxing events.

MTC Video Promotions website is also designed to feature a list of upcoming martial arts tournaments (by state) and a martial arts school listing (by state). It is also designed to feature martial arts tournament results for promoters who would like the results to be featured on the site. Our website includes a blog to help us stay in touch with martial arts competitors, fans, and spectators throughout the world.

MTC Video Promotions website is designed to offer great on-line advertising opportunities for all types of businesses that are interested in reaching a vast audience – an audience that not only includes people who live right in your neighborhood, but also people who live in neighborhoods throughout the US and around the world.

Our website is designed to allow martial arts school owners and instructors, tournament promoters, MMA promoters, grappling tournament promoters, boxing promoters, kickboxing promoters, judo tournaments promoters, to advertise their schools and upcoming events on our website.

Our goal is to be a One-Stop-Find-All for people who are looking for martial arts schools (Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Judo, Grappling, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, etc) no matter they are located. We also want to give people a chance to find the martial arts event(s) that they are looking for no matter they are being held – and to watch video coverage of these events.

To post business ads and upcoming events on our website.

D. Daniels

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